Corley Chandler |  Customer Relations

Corley, hailing from Midland, TX, is a fervent advocate for financial foresight and retirement planning.

Given a day to herself, she’d relish walks outdoors, immerse in yoga, and tend to her garden in blissful solitude. The Hill Country’s enchanting landscapes, from tranquil waters to vibrant markets, resonate deeply with her.

Blanco, her newfound haven, remains brimming with hidden treasures, though picking just one eludes her. A fervent advocate for financial foresight, retirement planning holds a special place in Corley’s heart. Her journey is intertwined with the land, embodying a commitment to herself and her community’s flourishing.

Corley’s career narrative is woven with a history of supporting high-level professionals across diverse industries. Possessing securities licenses (Series 7 & 66), her expertise shines. Beyond her vocation, she thrives in the Hill Country’s embrace, exploring its wonders alongside her husband and two boys. Her life story is a tapestry of dedication, growth, and harmonious balance.

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